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Flood Court

Briggs Ranch, Folsom, CA​

Folsom, Flood Ct._400.jpg

Mediterranean style home has a spacious master bathroom, bedroom and sitting area, as well as an attached office. ​

Notable Features:

  • 5 bedroom, 4 bath
  • 3600 square feet 
  • 3 car garage


Brum Court

100 Brum Court, Briggs Ranch, Folsom, CA​

Folsom, Brum Ct._400.jpg

This home is custom built in the traditional California bungalow style. The shingled exterior also recalls Rich's experience building homes on the east coast. 

  • ​2100 square feet 
  • 3 bedroom, 2.5​ bath
  • Classic open porch, dormer and shingle exterior
  • Open style interior floor plan
  • Jack and Jill bathroom connecting the spacious upstairs bedrooms 
  • Home office
  • Upstairs "kid's living room" that overlooks the downstairs "nook" eating area 


Marvin Court

Briggs Ranch, Folsom, CA​

Folsom, garage under_400.jpg 

Notable House Features:

  • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath floor plan
  • Constructed on an adapted hillside lot, the garage is set into the hillside, underneath the house. ​


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