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​​​​​​Building custom homes since 1978...


Throughout Rich's extensive and varied career he has worked on some truly interesting and unique projects. Here are a sampling of articles and materials showcasing his work and the historical properties he has restored. 

HGTV.jpg"Former Firehouse"​

An ex-firehouse, the Bechtel-Baumhofer home has its own fireman's pole. ​Watch the HGTV reZONED special on this unique repurposed space. 

​​​​​Sac Mag.JPG "House Afire" 

Vision. Some people have it; some don't. Rich Baumhofer and Cindy Bechtel fall squarely into the have vision category. When the couple stumbled upon a dilapidated old house in Curtis Park, they could see it...

Hewn Hammered.JPG "Sacramento Home of the Day" 

​I've written about this home before - it was a firehouse, originally, and one of Sacramento's most talented house builders​ / contractors converted it and lives here today. I like that he mixes some modern features...​

"Home Matters: House with a Past, and Now with a Future"​ 

​The structure at the corner of Portola Way and 26th Street was built in 1917 to serve as a volunteer fire station. It later did duty as a Boy Scout headquarters, from 1950 to 1970. Over the years, it was neglected...

"Rich Baumhofer's and Cindy Bechtal's Curtis Park Firehouse, Part II" 

​Yesterday, HGTV ran an episode of their reZONED program on Richard Baumhofer & Cindy Bechtel's beautiful Curtis Park ​home in a remodeled and restored firehouse, which we originally wrote about this...

Learn More - ​Historical Projects:

Tucker House: 

​​​NYT.jpg "The President was Here​ (Grant, That Is)" 

Recent presidential vacations on Martha's Vineyard seem to begin and end at the airport, so the first family misses the ferry-boat view of the island's most impressive streetscape. That's the grand gingerbread vista...

​​John T. Greene Bungalow by Greene & Greene:​

Sac business journal.jpg"Sacramento's Hidden Gems"​

​Not all treasures are buried. Some as big as a house are just overlooked. The Sacramento area has many historic and contemporary homes that qualify as hidden treasures in architecture, say local architects and...

USC Architecture.JPG John T. Greene House​

By 1914, the Greene & Greene firm's familiar vocabulary of wooden architecture had begun to experience fading popularity. It resurfaced, however, in a design for Sacramento real estate developer John Thomas...